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A new club has been formed called the “Backyard Repeater Owners of America”, with the vanity callsign of  WA8BRO. The club was formed in March of 2019 and its mission is to bring a new Digital Experience by way of D-Star to the Double Nickel and surrounding areas and to enhance the digital experience we already know with Peanut, Allstar and EchoLink.    

This club is also associated with the "Digital Dawg Reflector Group" which, if anybody noticed, is what all the Allstar and EchoLink nodes are listed under on AllStarLink.  The soon to be WA8BRO Reflector (REF-TBD) gateway will join this group.  The DDRG is owned and operated by and under the direction of WW2MI.  

The Club has four founding members and they will serve as the current board of directors.  They are:

K8NET Roberta – as President 

W8WAC Wayne – as Vice President 

WW2MI Del – Repeater Trustee 

KA8WYN Todd – Trustee (Maximus) at Large  

Which brings us back to the foremost objective of the club; it was and has been our intention to bring a Digital D-Star Repeater to The Double Nickel Repeater site.  In March we successfully completed registering the club with the ARRL.  We received approval from Todd KA8WYN to host the repeater at the Double Nickel Repeater site, and moved forward with ICOM to secure the proper authorization and permission to participate with them in their infrastructure program to install a 70CM repeater, D-Star controller and a D-Star gateway.   

The initial project for the repeater and WA8BRO gateway is totally funded.  

In the future the club will be open for membership as WA8BRO evolves.   

Over the past week a WA8BRO Linux Gateway as well as a Linux Router was constructed and successfully connected to the D-Star trusted server. We received the D-Star Trusted Server gateway authorization on March 31, 2019 and it is now functional.  There are a few links that will be unavailable during the DNS propagation phase.  

More D-Star repeaters will start to linking to our WA8BRO gateway as we move through the D-Star server synchronization cycles.  More Gateways and Hot Spots will be able to link to the WA8BRO gateway as the propagation of our gateway continues to hit other D-Star repeater sites.  

The WA8BRO gateway is ready to accept new D-Star Registrations.  Remember, you can only register on one D-Star Repeater.  The new WA8BRO Repeater is registered with www.dstarinfo.com  and will so soon be in the D-Star calculator.  We are waiting for final approval from that site. 

So if you're already registered, don’t register again as it will just get rejected.  If you feel the need to register on the WA8BRO system you must send an email request to the D-Star Repeater you already registered with.  Request that your records be deleted, then register here at WA8BRO.  

It does not matter where you are registered in the D-Star system, you can still use the new WA8BRO repeater.  

These are the links to register at - WA8BRO

Link to Register; -

The frequency for the WA8BRO  D-Star Repeater will be 442.0375 with a +5MHz Offset – Using the previous DMR Repeater Pair.  The coordination update to a D-Star Repeater System has been authorized by MiARC, and will be updated as such during the next TDS update cycle.  

Once the WA8BRO Repeater is up and on the air we will begin the investigative phase of mapping out the coverage area and making necessary improvements where needed.  

D-Star Repeaters out of the Box are 25W but due to the digital bandwidth required, the signals travel further with less power, so time will tell how much foot print the new machine will have.   

The second phase is to construct another D-Star gateway running D-Star Reflector software for the exclusive use of Southeast Michigan specifically WA8BRO.  Information and news will follow after the rollout and debug of the "Backyard Repeater Owners of America", D-Star Double Nickel Repeater System.   

Del - WW2MI - 73