WA8BRO - Digital Dawg Repeater Group

AllStar and Echo Link Informaiton

Allstar and EchoLink Update;  

At this time we do not have any plans to move the Allstar node directly to the repeater.    

The reason for this is the goal of 99% uptime and node availability.     

While HamVOIP is still issuing updates and improvements I like having the node accessible if need be.  Adjustments can be made without compromising uptime or availability.   

All nodes currently register with HamVOIP now and not AllStarLink. 

If you are looking for node status under the AllStarLink website you will most likely see what appears to be, 

our nodes off-line.  This is not the case.  We are not registering with AllStarLink.  

Therefore, we are no longer sending status and appear to be offline to their status page.       

There are more and more people who are now using EchoLink, and the 55 group is leaving time for the repeater to drop which is a good thing.  But remember this is good and also a requirement for Allstar too.   

Allstar needs to do housekeeping between transmissions such as logging, processing DVSwitch, IAX, 

and Node connections that are continually coming and going between transmissions.     

That little raspberry pie commonly known as the 55 Hub or node 47674 is quite busy at rush hour and several times during the day!  So busy in fact I have had to add an external fan which adds BTU’s to the shack and reduces heating requirements!  …. ..  …. ..   (HI HI)      

The connection notifications are transparent to the repeater conversations going on because we have chosen not to broadcast the coming and going of connections but Allstar and EchoLink still have to process them, we just don’t have to listen to them!          

Del - WW2MI - 73