XLX625 Multi-Mode Digital Reflector

Introducing the New WA8BRO Multi-Mode Reflector XLX625 Bro-II


Get your radios programmed and ready to go. 

The WA8BRO team is launching another new feature for SE Michigan area Hams.

This time it's a new Multi-Mode-Reflector. Introducing the new XLX625 "BRO-II Gateway" in SE Michigan!

In the next few weeks we will be commissioning our multimode gateway.

What does this mean?

This will result in the connectivity of Multi Digital Modes coming through the WA8BRO Module B repeater (while and if linked. The schedule at this time is TBD) and a standalone XLX Reflector with 26 Modules of connectivity, so there's plenty of room to grow. 

At the present time we are utilizing Modules A-D. When we are finished this Gateway will be available full time. This will support DSTAR, P25, DMR and C4FM all together on one frequency/ reflector when fully implemented. Get to the XLX625 on REF625 Module A with your favorite Digital Mode of choice and let XLX625 transcoding server do the translations for you! It's that simple.

WA8BRO 442.0375 +5.000 - During the testing phase we may be linking the XLX625 "BRO-II Gateway" and REF089 Reflector, and possibly the WA8BRO B module. Testing will be scheduled and these extended services intermittently available. 

The release of the individual modes will take some time as we get approval from each of the mode operators. Our new XLX625 "BRO-II Gateway" has to be added into the other gateway systems and approved by their SYSOPs. This has taken other Operators anywhere from two weeks to two months to complete, so be patient as these services become available. The timing on these events is entirely out of our hands. 

This is a homebrew "XLXD" gateway /repeater using a Linux Debian build on a PC platform. There are several DV-3000's, and MMDVM Modems used for transcoding. This is NOT running on a Raspberry Pi as most Operators have elected to do. 

So picture this as a Raspberry Pi with a Hemi....... More information will be posted on the www.WA8BRO.com Website when available.

The connecting times and paths available will be posted on the website when available.

Connection possibilities WA8BRO Modules A-D, REF089 Modules A-D and XLX625 Modules A-Z, (XLX625/REF625Module A is currently the transcoding Module)

Status as of May 12, 2019 15:00EST

The XLX625 is accepting connections on REF625, DCS625, XRF625 connections are also available but in testing modes.

The system is now also accepting connections from Fusion Radios on "US XLX625"

The Transcoding server is up and running and transcoding Fusion to DMR then to D-Star and Back. So as of now you can use this Reflector from any Fusion Radio Connecting through a hotspot with the configuration of YSF2DMR and Yeasu US XLX625 and connecting to XLX625 all Fusion Radios and D-Star Radios will be in the Same Group. D-Star Users just set your Hotspot to REF625.

Status of Connections can be found at the following addresses:

http://wa8bro.dstargateway.org for DPlus on the WA8BRO Repeater 

http://wa8bro.dstargateway.org/fs.html for DCS and XRF Status 

http://REF089.dstargateway.org for Reflector Status 

http://xlx625.wa8bro.com for the new XLX625 Reflector Status 

http://ysf625.wa8bro.com for the new XLX625 Fusion Reflector Status

The above links may function intermittently until officially released for general ham use.